Our Customers Love Us

I bought just over a ton of the brown rubber mulch for the kids’ play set last year. This was my first experience with this type of product, and I’d have to say, I’m extremely pleased with how it holds up and it’s safe for my little ones to play on. Great prices and service, too. What’s not to like?

Patrick Probst

We ordered 3 tons of your mulch a couple months ago…our main reason for getting it was because we live in the country where the wood mulch blows away. We thought we would try your rubber mulch in the playground and landscaping. We love it! We had a huge storm last week with winds clocked at over 90mph. Our fence broke, swing set tipped over, shingles blew off, and siding. The mulch passed the test… NONE of it blew out of it’s area. Well worth the money, and I love the color too!

Sherri Daeger

We just had our church playground covered with rubber mulch. It looks so much better than the wooden mulch we had. We feel it is safer for our kids and we really like the cushiony feel of it when we walk on it. Thanks for doing a great job!

Patti Connour

I had a great experience with ordering 4 tons of rubber mulch for my home. So far so good. Look forward to many years of use with my rubber mulch that won’t fade in color or decompose into the ground. I am in the neighborhood watch as many of my neighbors have been asking questions about my new mulch. I think more will follow.

Matt Brennan

I purchased 4 tons of mulch. Saved a lot of money as well over other rubberized mulch offers. Will need to order more to complete the job. It looks great and have had many compliments. I look forward to no weeds for a good long while. Love the color as well. Have had rubber mulch elsewhere in our play area and it has not discolored in over 5 years so far. This mulch made for a very clean installation in the gardens as well. But a weed barrier down as well looks great.

Michael Turro

We’ve been using rubber mulch in our landscapes for over 8 years and absolutely love it.

Vicki Veracini Bell

I have to say, I never thought I could be excited over something like mulch. I will NEVER go back to old wood mulch. The rubber mulch is much cleaner to work with, faster to put down and spread, and seems to be much more durable. I’m sold.

Jim Burke

A great company that understands your needs unlike others. Their products really meet your needs and last and last so you do not have to keep spending money to keep things looking great. Their products can reduce your risk and may offer you a nice reduction in your insurance premiums.

Dorr Phelps

Just had 2 1/2 tons spread out in playground area and flower areas…and we have gotten lots of great comments. Love this product and so glad we got it with kids still so young.

Cathy Boyer Kerr