Landscape Rubber Mulch: RhinoMulch

Designed to make life easier and more cost-effective for you. Suitable for both residential and commercial landscapes, RhinoMulch is the leading landscaping mulch because it:

  • Prevents weed growth
  • Minimizes dust and mud along walkways and play areas
  • Passes the EPA testing and found to be a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and eco-friendly alternative to wood mulch that quickly decays and will last well over 20 years
  • Adds a long-lasting, finished look to landscaping
  • Repels insects, dogs, cats, or other animals

Additional Benefits of Rubber Mulch

  • Low maintenance
  • Lasts for years: 12-year color guarantee!
  • Drains quickly even after heavy rain
  • Does not freeze
  • Does not blow or wash away
  • Will not decompose, compress or mold
  • Does not attract insects or animals
  • 99.9% metal-free
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • ADA approved and meets ASTM F-1292 and ASTM F-1951
  • Non-flammable
  • Will not stain clothing or skin*
  • Green product made from recycled tires. Each ton of rubber mulch recycles 134 tires and save countless trees!

*Natural Black Mulch can mark clothing or skin.

Three Styles of Rubber Mulch

  • Nugget 3/4″ Rubber Mulch – For long lasting curb appeal. Has nylon fiber strands throughout the nugget and is 99.9% metal-free.
  • Premium 3/8″ Rubber Mulch – For a finished, tailored look. Has minimal fibers at a pea gravel size providing a more finished look while maintaining the safety benefits of standard 3/4” rubber mulch and is 99.9% metal-free.
  • Shredded Rubber Mulch – For a traditional wood mulch look.……..looks so much like traditional wood mulch that you’ll have to feel it to believe that it’s actually rubber.

Six Rubber Mulch Color Options

  • Bark Brown
  • Rustic Redwood
  • Ocean Blue
  • Evergreen
  • Onyx Black
  • Natural Black

The Recycled Rubber Products’ Guarantee

Manufactured at our plant in Joliet, IL, our rubber mulch is American-made from 100% recycled tires. RRP’s family business is a pioneer of rubber mulch products and we proudly guarantee their quality. Each ton recycles 134 tires and saves countless trees!