Installation of Your Rubber Mulch

When installed correctly, our high-quality rubber mulch will last for years.

  1. Clear the location of debris and rocks
  2. Install a layer of weed barrier fabric using turf staples to adhere fabric to the ground
  3. Distribute rubber mulch over the top of weed barrier and rake until level

Maintenance of Your Rubber Mulch

One of the many advantages of rubber mulch is that there is little to no maintenance. Lawn clippings, leaves and other light debris can be easily removed with a leaf blower.


  • RhinoMulch Landscape Rubber Mulch – A 2000lb supersack of our RhinoMulch products will cover 462 square feet at a 2″ depth
  • KinderMulch Playground Rubber Mulch – A 2000lb supersack of our KinderMulch products will cover 231 square feet at a 4″ depth, 154 square feet at a 6″ depth