Church Rubber Mulch

Helps keep God’s precious children safe on church playgrounds.

Churches are dedicated to families and churches love kids. Just like Jesus said in Matthew 19:14 “Let the little children come to me” the church has always been a place for children to come to.

The church will always want what’s best for the children and safety will always be the number one concern. It’s no wonder that churches all over America call RRP regularly to ask for a quote on KinderMulch rubber mulch for churches instead of going with traditional mulch.

When it comes to acquiring rubber mulch for churches, KinderMulch rubber mulch is the best choice for playground fill.

The church will be offered some choices when it comes to our colored rubber mulch. In fact, one question that you will need to answer is: “What color will look the best in the playground?” Colored KinderMulch will make any child’s playground a wonderland of fun and excitement. The array of colors always put the finishing touches on the looks of a playground. RRP offers the following colors: Ocean Blue, Evergreen, Rustic Redwood, Bark Brown, Onyx Black and Natural Black. You can almost hear the squeals of excitement as the kids run outside to play on the playground. Those squeals of glee are music to any pastor’s ears!

Another question you may need to answer could be: “How would you like the rubber mulch for your church shipped?” You can get this loose loaded or loaded in supersacks on pallets.

RRP values our churches and we would like to see KinderMulch installed at every church. Because of our passion for kids, we offer the best rubber mulch deals for churches. Call for a free quote and our sales team will help you through the entire process of estimating, ordering, shipping and receiving your KinderMulch.